Message from Chairman

Thank you for visiting our web page. It is my pleasure to introduce our unique program to those looking for opportunities to pursue higher education in Japan.

Ever since its foundation in 1907 as Japan’s third national university, Tohoku University has firmly adhered to the credo of “Open Doors,” “Research First,” and “Practice-Oriented Research and Education.”
Based on the “Open Door” policy, Tohoku University was the first Japanese university to accept female and international students, and that liberal tradition has continued to this day.

In 2010, we launched the International Mechanical and Aerospace Course (IMAC), in which international students can study and complete an engineering degree program without using the Japanese language. This program was the first such English-taught program to be established in mechanical engineering departments in Japan.
It has been a big challenge even for us to offer all aspects of research and education in English though, we keep our endeavor to establish a truly global platform where international and Japanese students can study the same contents together and can be evaluated on the same basis.
In 2017, the global entrance examination was also launched for Japanese students who want to study in English. Now we are proud of having such a global opportunity, but its success relies on the mutual effort of the teachers and students.

Prospective students will find that in IMAC, it is possible to receive a high-level education from our internationally renowned mechanical engineering professors and also conduct cutting-edge research. We have a wide range of research fields from basics to applications, such as Mechanical System Design, Fine Mechanics, Robotics, Aerospace Engineering, Information Science and AI, Biomedical Engineering, Environment, and Energy Science.

We are very pleased to welcome you, here, as a future member of our program. I believe IMAC offers excellent opportunities for research and education and will profoundly shape your future.

Prof. Satoshi Murata, Chairman,
Division of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering