Why Tohoku University ?

Tohoku University offers a world-class education and research environment

Tohoku University, founded in 1907 as the 3rd Imperial University, has been a leader in education and research especially in Science and Engineering with its unique credos of "Research First" and "Open Door”.

The university encompasses 10 undergraduate schools, 16 graduate schools, 6 research institutes, and numerous research organizations and facilities, in which research institute staff also participate in educational activities (approx. 3,200 instructors, enrollment limit of approx. 2,400 for undergraduate students). It has been chosen as the best Japanese university in annual survey for Japanese high schools teachers. Tohoku University

The university has produced numerous international research results, and is developing integrated leading-edge research and education. It is proud of its many renowned researchers research in various fields including one Nobel laureate in Chemistry in 2002, and several famous inventors whose work brought IT technology to a new age, even influences our life style nowadays, such as the invention of optical communication system, flush memory, etc..

The majority of graduates progress on to the graduate school. The path to high-level professional jobs is clear for those who begin working immediately after graduation too.

Attractive Location

Our campus is located in the pleasant city of Sendai, which is referred to both as the "City of Trees" and as an "Academic City." This city possesses both convenient urban facilities and a rich natural environment.

Open to International Students

We offer you the best of student support.

We host more than 1,500 international students from 83 countries and have regular/ special Japanese language programs, a tutor system, dormitories or housing, scholarships, a counseling room, and exchange activities for the students.

Long History to accept Overseas Students:

Lu Xun(鲁迅):
Sendai Medical College 1904
Father of Chinese literature
Chen Jiangong(陈建功):
School of Science (Mathematics) 1923 and
Su Buqing(苏步青):
School of Science (Mathematics) 1927
Originators of contemporary Chinese mathematics